In the end, they'll judge me anyway so whatever.

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"We’re all trying to forget someone."

- Six Word Story (via missinyouiskillingme)

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"When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch."

- Bette Davis (via hqlines)

"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with."

- Gillian Anderson (via hqlines)

"I don’t chase people anymore. I learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter."

- EY (via latelycravingmore)

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